1421045_618073688254775_967434251_oKan Du Studio started in 2007 as an extension to Blanchard Valley Industries. The success of our artist program has grown from a small corner on our production workshop floor to a downtown Findlay, Ohio studio and gallery space. We currently serve 32 adult artists each week that come to the Studio to create art works to sell and contribute to the burgeoning artistic community. Kan Du works with local businesses in the community to recycle or up cycle used and unused goods into unique art work and fine crafts. Kan Du offers both production art pieces such as our signature painted metal star, flower magnets, garden ornaments and bird houses as well as fine art pieces for sale to the public. The Kan Du Community Art Center will be a place where Findlay and Hancock County’s children, young people, adults, seniors and people with and without developmental disabilities can meet and engage with groups of people who have similar interests, such as painting, ceramics, creative writing, photography and more. In addition to art exhibitions, the center will offer classes for all ages and abilities. The Kan Du Community Art Studio will support the advancement of the arts locally, regionally and nationally in terms of the diverse populations served and the high quality art displays and workshops. The Kan Du Community Art Center will utilize the rich resources of talented artists and artisan locally to provide opportunities for learning, presenting, creating, collaborating and earning income for all artists involved. It will also be a great complement the new Marathon Performing Arts Center being developed in the downtown area. The idea of combining Kan Du Studio, which is already a successful studio, and the community is to further these artists’ integration into the community and create opportunities for mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations. The Kan Du Community Art Center will operate as a member-driven organization, where individuals can opt to pay a modest annual fee to help support the facility and its programs. Program offerings will be designed in response to member interest and encourage arts community collaboration. For years Blanchard Valley Center and Blanchard Valley Industries have helped people with developmental disabilities accomplish dreams they individuals never thought possible. With the Kan Du attitude and spirit, we are excited to enrich lives and help all area artists reach for the stars!