Meet Lauren

We would like to introduce Lauren. Lauren loves to sing, dance, and draw. She prefers to use either colored pencils or fine markers for her artwork. Her artwork is both happy and colorful. She enjoys making cards for her peers and instructors. She does not like to see anyone sad and will do her best…
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LW’s Story

Before we knew that my younger brother, Ben, had Asperger’s, I just thought he was weird (not to say I’m not weird in my own special way).  For a period of time, he used to meow like a cat to talk to us, no matter how many times I yelled at him to use English…
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Nothing is Impossible

Hello and welcome to the Kan Du Studio web site! Here at Kan Du we try to come up with funky fun products that we believe others will enjoy.  We strive to make one of a kind art to set us apart from other artists in our area. We have had some of our art…
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